Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light

Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light

Celebrating vivid seascapes and garden views, The National Gallery’s brand-new exhibition, “Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light”, boasts beautiful pastels and stunning textures which have inspired us to get creative in the kitchen!

Our Executive Head Chef, David Ridgway, has developed a menu that is bursting with classic Spanish flavours whilst honouring the Impressionist styling of much of Sorolla’s work.

Sorolla took much inspiration from his home city of Valencia, its coast boasts a broad horizon which casts a multitude of intense light on its beautiful shoreline. We wanted to also draw upon inspiration from the sea and, as such, have included several fresh seafood dishes into our bespoke menu such as the octopus and potato salad canapé pictured below.

Moreover, we also wanted to echo the more rural elements of his works by creating a rustic presentation which we demonstrated through using more natural materials such as wooden boards. We understand not only the importance of providing complimentary flavours to any specific theme but also of visuals when presenting the dishes to guests. The Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light exhibition is full of absolutely stunning material to provide a perfect backdrop for us on this particular occasion.

We love experimenting with new dishes and styles and the opportunity to work with us in creating a bespoke menu is something we enjoy being able to offer our clients. Our creative team of chefs can utilise their extensive experience and diverse cultural knowledge to build fully authentic and exciting menus. Furthermore, we are thrilled to now have on board our Creative Director, Paul Ruggiero, who will be a fundamental part in our bespoke offering, assisting in all things creative!

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Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light will be in exhibit at The National Gallery until the 7th July 2019, it is an exceptionally unique and stunning collection so do try and visit before its gone.

Cold canapés

Classic tortilla with aioli

Octopus and potato salad

Goat’s cheese stuffed peppers

Mojama de atun (salt dried tuna)

Warm canapés

Chicken empanadas

Padron peppers with smoked sea salt

Patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce

Cod croquettes