Jun 14, 2014

Moving Venue delivers festival of flavours with the Royal China Club

Moving Venue delivers festival of flavours with the Royal China Club

On Sunday May 18, south London based caterer Moving Venue created an international dinner in collaboration with the Royal China Club at Guildhall, London.

The partnership saw head chef’s Steve Williams and Ho Cheong Wong work closely to devise two innovative Chinese and European menus which would work in tandem. The two menus were served simultaneously to over 500 guests from China and Europe at the iconic London venue.

The Chinese menu consisted of an Imperial mixed barbecued platter to start, followed by fresh lobster with ginger and spring onion, broccoli and mushrooms; steamed minced Iberico pork with salted egg; and tea jelly with lychees and rice mochi with fresh mango for dessert. Whilst the European menu featured dishes such herb crusted rack of Kent lamb, white onion puree, confit shoulder ‘cromesqui’, sautéed spinach, potato fondant, roasted tomato jus and blackberry and yoghurt parfait with a bramble compote and shortbread to follow.
The two separate teams came together to create a functional shared kitchen space adapted to accommodate both chef’s needs and an integration of front of house staff to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Steve Williams, head chef at Moving Venue said, “The collaboration posed some challenges for both teams, we were using different cooking methods, communicating in different languages and the dishes were all served in different ways. But careful planning and close collaboration meant that everything was delivered promptly and to the highest standard.”

Paul Keung, manager of the Royal China Club said, “Having never worked in an environment such as the Guildhall, this was an entirely new prospect for us and a fantastic opportunity to design a menu on such a large scale. It was great to partner with Moving Venue to create such an interesting event.”

Following the success of the event, Moving Venue and the Royal China Club are now developing a shared menu portfolio for the autumn.