The Team

We’re a close knit team


Rare - The Modern Butcher with an unrivalled quality of meat as well as vibrant looking vans

County Suppliers London (CSL) - the earlybirds at New Covent Garden Market for our fresh produce deliveries

First for Fish - our favourite top quality fresh fishmonger sources from Billingsgate

The Cheeseboard Greenwich - fine artisan cheese rightfully based on Royal Hill in nearby Greenwich

Wild Harvest - for the very finest exotic and special ingredients in New Covent Garden

Boulangerie de Paris - for traditional baked bread in a hand built wood fired oven but naturally based in London

Harvey and Brockless - a fine purveyor of small suppliers sending the best of artisanal products from Great Britain

Musetti Coffee - aromatic first rate coffee and the last part of the meal always to be taken seriously

The Vintner - our drinking buddies who know how to create a knockout wine list, be educational as well as fun