Moving Venue creates bespoke canapés for Cadbury Dairy Milk event

The end of February saw our team creating bespoke canapés for Cadbury Dairy Milk’s unveiling of its new musical project with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Held at LSO St Luke’s, LCO presented a special performance of The Sound of Flavourites for an audience of media, consumers and guests. As each movement was played, the audience sampled a chunk of the relevant chocolate to experience how complementary rhythms and melodies affect taste.

We worked with Cadbury to create savoury and sweet canapés to be served before the main event. Taking inspiration from the nine Flavourites, we designed a selection that included chicken satay with coriander paper and Popping Candy, Artichoke creme Oreo sandwiches and salted Caramel pecan tarts.