Lunch in 'A Room for London'

Perched on top of the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, the boat-like timber structure affords spectacular 360 degree views over London. Only accessible by an outside lift to the roof of the Hall, with very little room for preparation or back of house function, this iconic installation posed some restrictions on the catering we could provide. However, not ones to shy away from a challenge, we adapted our usual innovative offering to overcome the logistical constraints of the unusual venue.

Using specially designed hot boxes to serve the main course, we were able to maintain the standards expected of our food and create a unique and interesting event. The menu consisted of halibut braised in a country tomato ragu, with preserved lemon cous-cous tabouleh and a herb de Provence crumb. The main was followed by Champagne and strawberry jelly, with a strawberry and black pepper bavois, fresh strawberries and purple basil, elegantly served in a space-friendly water glass.

Living Architecture’s, A Room for London is a one-bedroom installation that sits on the roof of Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. It consists of an en-suite double bedroom, kitchenette, library and viewing deck, designed to be a place of refuge and reflection amidst the bustle of the capital.